The most important thing to do and the first thing to do is… submit legislation to Congress to pass, to establish public funding for federal campaigns. This is what we must do. Now, there are various parts of this. I support HR 1 because part of the problem that has been created by all this is that it is had a psychologically and emotionally debilitating effect on the population. People feel, ‘What’s the point?'”

Marianne Williamson

Leading by Example:

  • Rejects contributions from corporate PACs
  • Rejects help from a single-candidate super PAC
  • Rejects contributions from the fossil fuel industry

Policy Positions:

  • Supports overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision
  • Supports requiring dark money groups to disclose their donors
  • Supports small-donor public financing programs

Background on Reform:

Since announcing her candidacy for President, Marianne Williamson has repeatedly talked on the campaign trail about the corrupting influence of money in politics and the need to reform our broken system.

“Our government has become a system of legalized bribery. The powers of the U.S. government are more in the service of corporate profits than advocacy on behalf of the American people,” she said in an interview last fall.

Williamson has called for overturning Citizens United, a decision she said “replaced the democratic formula of one person, one vote with the repressive system of one dollar, one vote,” and says her administration will hold “special interest and corporate lobbyists accountable to the rule of law.”

She also wants to create a small-donor public financing program for federal elections. “As president, one of my first acts will be sending a proposal to Congress to establish public funding for federal campaigns. The only way to return our government to the people is to stop the corrupting influence of dark money.”

“The issue of gun safety, of course, is that the NRA has us in a chokehold, but so do the pharmaceutical companies, so do the health insurance companies, so do the fossil fuel companies, and so do the defense contractors, and none of this will change until we either pass a constitutional amendment or pass legislation that establishes public funding for federal campaigns.”Marianne Williamson

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